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The solutions we offer solve a myriad of complex business challenges. For this reason, we enhance our products with professional consulting services. "Flexibility" – is at the core of our products. From workflow to modelling, to integration, the OptiMAX Digital solution is fully customizable.

The opposite of a cookie -cutter product, our solutions are tailored to our customers' unique businesses — and can grow and scale with them. This high level of flexibility allows OptiMAX Digital customers to get maximum value out of their investment.

Bundling professional services enhances the value of our product offering. The bottom line is that our product is built for your business process, however complex or multi-faceted that process might be.

Explore some of the software tools we like to use to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients.



Ramco ERP On Cloud

Ramco ERP on Cloud enables to get a 360-degree view of business, anytime, from anywhere. Built on Ramco VirtualWorks®, Ramco ERP on Cloud covers the entire spectrum of enterprise functions through a suite of products - Manufacturing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Project Management, Process Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, and Connectors.

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Ramco HCM On Cloud

With Human Resource evolving as a key strategic component within organisations, choosing the right HCM software is critical to engage and empower your employees.

Ramco HCM with Global Payroll is a comprehensive HR & Talent Management solution, which covers an organisation's human capital management needs from hire to retire. Ramco HCM is simplifying HR strategy for innovation-centric companies to automate traditional HR transaction and increase business value across functions. Ramco's experience and knowledge gained over the years has been invested in re-architecting the product to bring in a Gen-Y interface, making it accessible on Smartphones (iPad, Android and Windows), integrating it with Social channels, besides bringing in the speed and agility of an In-memory engine and the intuitiveness of a context-aware solution.

Trusted by 450+ customers globally, supporting 150k + business users and processing more than 1.2 million employee records per month, Ramco HCM with Global Payroll abides by statutory and taxes in 40+ countries including Australia, New Zealand, APAC, Middle East, and most of Africa and through partners in North America and Europe. It is the most complete, yet refreshingly simple next-gen software covering 360⁰ life cycle of an employee from hire to retire. Ramco HCM and Payroll is the ATO and Payroll Association approved STP vendor.

Ramco Systems – Winner of the Best Talent Management Solution in APAC 2017 by Frost & Sullivan | Highly Recommended Payroll Software Supplier of the year 2017 by Global Payroll Association | Winner of HR Vendor of the Year Award – APAC 2016 | ISG (Information Services Group) Award for Innovation 2015 | Recognized as a Leader in Global Payroll by NelsonHall

Ramco HCM is an ATO and Payroll Association approved Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting vendor.

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Ramco's Logistics Software is the integrated offering build to address the logistics industry end to end. Ramco Logistics Software is a single-platform cloud-based solution purpose build to address the needs of third-party logistics (3PL), freight forwarders, and parcel/ courier service providers who are seeking a high-performance logistics software.

This robust single suite includes the complete range of modules that address transportation (TMS), fleet (FMS), warehouse (WMS), order management, and command centre, integrated with HR and finance for end-to-end visibility. In-memory Planning and Optimization (iPO), coupled with advanced mobility and predictive analytics are just some of inbuilt features of Ramco Logistics.

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BOARD is a leading global software for improving business results through better decision making. By unifying Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management into a single product, the BOARD Management Intelligence solution enables companies to achieve a shared vision of their performance across the entire organisation, and thus a single version of the truth.

Since 1994, BOARD has helped over 3,000 organisations improve their business performance by making better decisions. BOARD provides seamless solutions for:

1. Reporting & Analysis
2. Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
3. Profitability Modelling & Optimisation
4. Simulation & What-if-Analysis
5. Scorecarding & Strategy Management
6. Financial Consolidation

Cognitive technologies, storytelling, in-context collaboration and a cutting-edge user interface augment BOARD’s business users’ capabilities to unleash new intelligence from data and rapidly translate insights into action.

Based on visual modelling, the BOARD toolkit has enabled global enterprises like Acer, DHL, GSK, Mitsubishi, and Puma to deploy BI and CPM applications without a single line of code in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions. Headquartered in Switzerland, BOARD International has a worldwide network of distributors and certified partners.

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Cinnamon Pay is a Payment software products solutions and services company, that provides next-generation payment products such as B2B Virtual Cards, B2B Supplier Payment System, Internet Payment Gateway, Bill Payment System, Personal Finance Management Mobile Banking App, Real-time Intelligent Transaction Analysis, to name a few. Some of the products are integrated with the Cinnamon Pay private Blockchain.

Cinnamon Pay is working on various next-generation banking and payments solutions for major banks in Sri Lanka, thus providing a significant competitive edge to their customer base. Cinnamon Pay's new private Blockchain provides endless opportunities to the banks, financial institutions and government agencies in using the crypto-currencies and distributed ledger systems to provide cost-effective, secured and advanced operations and governance capabilities to their existing business ecosystems.




Learning and performance ecosystems powered by Medisphere’s agile e-Learning platform – PowerHouse Hub puts people and users in the centre and support them with three primary components:

1. PowerHouse LMS – create and manage online courses, events and webinars; track and report on user groups with the click of a button
2. PowerHouse Performance – profile for risk, plan for success and manage for performance
3. PowerHouse Certification - industry certification, qualification and assessment management

You can license a single PowerHouse application, or a combination of the three to create your own ecosystem.

Learning and performance ecosystem powered by Medisphere’s introduces new capabilities that integrate learning and performance solutions into the work environment. It minimizes the need for workers to leave work in order to learn, reduces work disruption, and places more learning opportunities directly into the flow of the work.